Company Profile

Platinum, Inc.
Head Office:
Akasaka Garden City 18th Floor, 4-15-1 Akasaka,
Minato-ku Tokyo 107-0052
May 6, 2004
10 million yen (as of May 2011)
Vector, Inc. (100%)
Business Overview:
PR planning and implementation
PR management and consulting
IR Communication
Risk management
Marketing research
Event planning and management
Executive Staff:
Representative Director: Saori Kiryu
Director: Yuko Nishie
Director: Keiji Nishie
Auditor: Arata Miike

CEO's Message

Platinum is an all-round PR firm which designs and implements PR strategies based on our clients' marketing and publicity strategies.
In the West from early on, PR has been seen with great importance as a way to raise the brand name and value of a firm; however this importance has been only recently recognized in Japan and has now become essential for implementing marketing strategies aimed at raising a firm's brand power and value.
PR as related to marketing strategy does not only include traditional public relations activities such as press releases, but also includes strategic planning and the implementation of various communications techniques to achieve goals such as raising the value of a firm and creating new movements.
Furthermore, with the spread of social networking services, there has been a vast increase in the targets of PR activities. In addition to the four big traditional media sources (television, newspapers, etc.), with online communication becoming increasingly important today, new communications techniques which use Facebook and other social networking sites are becoming increasingly recognized as legitimate forms of communication.
At Platinum, we focus on the next generation of marketing techniques to offer the cutting edge of communication services.

Platinum, Inc.
Representative Director Saori Kiryu

Services Offered

Marketing PR

Through use of the mass media, the Internet and events, we aim to raise recognition and understanding of products and services, and generate interest.

Strategic PR

From the value of products or services of the client company and careful analysis, we develop a context which will work in the real world, and implement detailed communication plans.

Financial Services

We provide support for communication strategies, from planning to the implementation of a range of PR activities, as related to financial institutions and systems, such as banks, securities, insurance and investment funds, venture capital, and real estate funds.

We also provide communications support for mergers and acquisitions.

IR Consulting

For publicly listed companies, gaining the trust of investors and shareholders is a critical management activity. In addition to fundamental IR activities, we also offer effective communication services from a PR perspective for distributing information to investors.

Corporate PR

We design and provide support for information strategies to solve corporate issues, as well as assistance for managing press conferences and similar events for the purpose of raising a corporation's brand.

Global Marketing

We support clients in both general PR activities and global marketing activities; the latter of which can be focused on Asia with China as the core focus or aimed at other international regions.

Online PR

We can organize the entire process from planning to the implementation of a solid online marketing plan using a combination Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites.

Public Sector PR

We can support ministries and government offices, regional governments, and public organizations from the planning to the implementation of a public relations plan for raising the brand power of a region and establishing good relations with local citizens.

Risk Management

We can provide consulting related to evaluating corporate risk in order to create crisis management systems, as well as organize manuals for dealing with emergencies and crisis management training.

Public Affairs

We can provide consulting to develop good relations with government agencies, parliaments, industry groups, key people from the financial industry, and critics, and through the analysis of administrative and industry trends, promote the smooth development of corporate strategic activities.

Branding & Materials

From planning to creation, we can support clients in creating a range PR tools (company guidance, business information brochures, PR brochures, public awareness tools etc.), corporate websites, video content, and more.

Flow 業務フロー



  1. 1 Analysis Phase 戦略PRフロー
  2. 2 Planning Phase コミュニケーション戦略設計
  3. 3 Communication Phase メディアコミュニケーション
  4. 4 Verification Phase 効果検証

Our Expert Teams


Without being limited to traditional product launches and test drive events for the media, we can support clients in maintaining a continuous information flow related to environmental and technological developments, dealings in the global market, and service level expansions.

Health & Life Science

We offer strategic communication plans covering planning to implementation for everything from the product development process to sales strategy. We can provide support for awareness campaigns to reduce social prejudice related to certain illnesses and treatments, as well as communication activities which serve to promote understanding of the effects and benefits to ordinary consumers.

Communications & Technology

With the spread of portable Internet-connected devices such as personal computers and smart phones, a number of prominent corporations from major companies to entrepreneurial ventures have been established. Having achieved excellent results working with a large number of companies, we can deal with all of our clients' needs be it hardware, software, any kind of IT services, or content generation for social networking sites.

Financial Services

Our expert staff can develop elaborate strategic communications activities across all kinds of specialist areas such as corporate PR activities for both domestic and international financial institutions, IR activities and M&A, publicizing management plans and crisis support.

Food & Beverages

In the active food and beverage industry, products frequently change and getting consumers to continue to love your products in the long term requires high impact, strategic communication. We can plan and implement strategic communication combining all types of communication such as advertising, PR, and sales promotion.

Fashion & Luxury

In the fashion and cosmetics industry, brand image has a direct influence on the success of a business. Through launches of new brands and new stores, our staff which has specialist knowledge in this area, can support clients from planning to the implementation of creative projects to turn your company into a power brand.


By taking into consideration market conditions, such as the diversification of consumer tastes and pressure from other industries and players overseas, as well as the latest public opinion and trends in consumer taste, we can create customer interest through the development of high impact messages and PR events.


With the role of governments, public institutions, and related organizations changing dramatically, business and services are being revised particularly in terms of usability, and we continue to encourage the introduction of new services operating from a PR perspective.

Transportation & Aviation

As the railroad, bus, and aviation industries continue to remove the world's borders, our aim is to raise your firm's brand starting with PR for new products and services, and the development of messages and continuous media exposure aimed at increasing fans of your company.

Consumers & Entertainment

For companies who offer consumer-oriented products and services and entertainment-related companies, we can plan brand communication and organize promotional and publicity events based on analysis of consumer trends and purchasing incentives.